“Looking back at my 16 year old self, I was overly anxious, confused, lost and had just moved to Gloucester to try and find a purpose – but had lost all hope.

“I am so glad I found YG and The Link. From then I found reliable, kindhearted people who were willing to learn and understand every single problem I raised. Going through a failing NHS system and an unorganised college course, YG was always there for me. You were the only consistent professionals in my life and wow what a positive difference that made.

“You taught me that things do go wrong, but not to give up and meltdown when they do. You taught me that no matter how awful I feel, I can always pick myself up again. You taught me that I am worthy of the effort, that I am worthy of a good life and most importantly that I am worthy of happiness.

“Without the help of YG, I would not be the confident person I feel I am today. I am not lost, confused or broken. I am not the scared anxious person I was before. I am self-assured, mature and content. I finally see a great future ahead of me.

“I owe a lot of my future success to YG and I hope one day, I can be half the inspiration to others that YG has been to me.”