Support the mental and physical wellbeing of young people and their families in Gloucestershire
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Harry needed support to help people see past his child’s gender identity.

Harry’s child was acting out at school. But when the school couldn’t see past their gender identity Harry needed help to open their minds.

“I was referred to YG as part of a child protection program for my child. There were behaviour issues at school. I had raised concerns that my child could have ADHD but the school kept misdirecting their concerns towards my child’s gender identity.

“My child identifies as non-binary. I am transgender myself and have always felt confident about how to support my child as they explore their gender but I didn’t feel confident about how to help them navigate the challenges at school.

“The school was determined to draw a link between my child’s gender identity and their poor behaviour. With the help of the Arcus project, I was able to demonstrate that this was not the case. Having a worker from the Arcus project advocate for me and my child at meetings with the school and with social services has been a huge help. It has felt great to have the reassurance of someone outside of our situation, someone impartial, that understands and respects the transgender community.

“I am so pleased to know that there is support out there for families like ours and particularly for parents who aren’t as familiar with the transgender community. It is so important that parents can find neutral advice. I know there will be more challenges ahead as my child starts secondary school but I feel more confident knowing that Young Gloucestershire will be on hand to support us.”

If your child is exploring their gender identity and you would like to understand how you can support them on this journey, take a look at our family gender support project – Arcus.

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