Support the mental and physical wellbeing of young people and their families in Gloucestershire

Bella stopped attending school because the other students teased her relentlessly about her Tourette’s.

“Having Tourette’s is tough; my tics were pretty bad. But the anxiety of how others would react was worse than the tics themselves. Some kids at school would even try to trigger my tics because they found it funny. Despite the school’s efforts to help, I couldn’t shake off the fear of being mocked by everyone. So, I stopped going to school.

“Thankfully, with the support of my mum and the school, I found out about Young Gloucestershire. At my first session, they made me feel at ease by explaining everything clearly. We had in depth discussions, exploring calming strategies and techniques to manage my anxiety in public spaces. We even practiced by going to cafés together. Through our conversations, I began to understand that my happiness matters more than others’ opinions, and for the first time, I truly believe it.

“Now, I’ve returned to school with a new confidence and hope for the future. I’m considering college next year, and hoping to study photography. Thanks to the support from YG, I believe taking this next step will be much easier.”

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