"It’s been great to have a session on my timetable that is a bit less academic and focuses on us as individuals. The youth workers are really upbeat and even a bit silly. It’s like taking all my favourite teachers and putting them together.

“I would say I’m a smart person who likes to work hard. But I know I can get frustrated and overwhelmed too easily. I have often given up on things thinking they are too hard but I regret it later.

“The sessions with YG have helped me to react differently and to not get so stressed. We talked about methods to control our anger and how to calm ourselves down. For me – I listen to music. I now realise that a lot of the things that used to upset me are just silly and little. The sessions have really helped me to understand more about the way I feel and to think about how I can react in certain situations. I feel that I am a more patient person now which is helping me both in school and at home.”