“I am a country girl at heart, animals were my life as a little girl. When my mum had to move us to the city to find work I was devastated. We went from bird sounds to police sirens. I felt depressed and angry. I started drinking and taking drugs at the age of twelve and soon fell in with the wrong crowd. I ended up in an abusive relationship which left me traumatised.
“Alongside all of this, school was not a happy place for me. I was bullied and spent most nights crying. I finally went to study an animal based course at college but it didn’t work out, I felt really let down by the teachers who just never got me.
“Coming to YG was like a breath of fresh air. I felt wanted and needed by my team. With many of us having mental health issues I felt like I wasn’t alone. The staff motivated me and pushed me, they showed me that I can do whatever I want to do.
“With YG’s help I have gained a place on an Access to Higher Education course with Hartpury College. I have got a part time job and found out about bursaries and loans and how I can manage them. I have spoken with Hartpury about being able to volunteer at their stables and restart horse riding which has been a dream of mine. I now have the motivation and ambition to improve my health and fitness so that I can ride. YG has helped me look at every aspect of my life and I just can’t help but think how can someone’s life go from sh*t to this.”