"Addiction is a topic which I’m sure the majority of us have some idea of, however it is an issue that is forever increasing and an issue that needs to be addressed. When we think about addiction the first thing that probably comes to our minds is addiction to drugs and alcohol, however we can become addicted to anything; food, the gym or caffeine!

"Addiction often has a big stigma around it and some people can be fearful of admitting to having an addiction. However we need to try and put our heads together and stop this negative attitude!

"My role at YG is about helping people overcome addictions with drug and alcohol use and encourage young people to get involved with positive activities. I love my job and enjoy enabling young people to meet their goals.

"One person dies every ten seconds worldwide due to excessive alcohol use. We need to try and tackle this massive issue together and ensure that young people get the right support so they can achieve a great future!"

If you want to talk to Megan about the support she can offer get in touch.