YG are able to offer sessions to help year six students feel better prepared as they make the leap to secondary school. We can provide one off sessions or can combine a series of workshops delivered over a period that suits your timetable.

Sessions focus on helping students prepare for change by looking at key skills of organisation and independence and focusing on the tasks that young people may become responsible for at secondary school.

Sessions discuss what it means to take personal responsibility and the changes this can bring about. We look at the logistical changes of attending secondary school and also discuss the personal and physical changes that are likely to accompany this period.

Sessions can focus on friendships and relationships including that with parents. We consider use of social media and dispel common myths as we explore young people's hopes, fears and expectations. 

We are happy to work together with schools to plan a transition programme that would best suit the needs of your students. Please get in touch to discuss how YG can help you. getinvolved@youngglos.org.uk