Let us take all the hard work out of your hands. We can work with you to plan the ultimate residential adventure for your students combining adrenaline fuelled activities with health and wellbeing. YG's Youth Work approach allows you to plan a unique experience that pushes young people out of their comfort zone while offering additional layers of support that address the pastoral needs of your young people.

We are able to plan experiences for small and large groups, we will take all the planning out of your hands from transport to accommodation and health and safety to insurance. We will ensure that every opportunity for learning is utilised by focusing on informal education opportunities that support your school's aims.

We will work with the school at all stages to discuss potential options and help you get the most out of the experience for your group. Let us help you achieve more for your school.

Please get in touch to start discussing your residential dreams and we will give you some ideas to help them become a reality.