UPS developed the UPS Road Code programme to share their success on the road with young people. More than 100 years of driving experience has shown that hazard awareness is a skill that can easily be learnt. Following many successful years of delivery of the UPS Road Code programme in the USA, UK Youth, a leading national youth development charity, are working with UPS to bring this successful programme to young people in the UK.

“The course was amazing and extremely helpful. It has probably saved lots of lives. I know now how important it is to say something if someone is driving dangerously.” (Jack, 16 from Stroud).

Who’s it for?

UPS Road Code can be delivered to 13-19 year olds in groups of up to 15.

What to expect?

As part of the UPS Rode Code programme, UPS staff work with youth workers from YG to run half day sessions in schools and youth clubs that are a mix of classroom based instruction and time ‘behind the wheel’ of a driving simulator. The aim of the programme is to help young people consider how to be safe in and around cars before they even start learning to drive.

How much does it cost?

The programme is currently fully funded and half day sessions are offered at no cost.

How to get it in your school?

Contact YG to discuss a suitable date to deliver in school.