The purpose of this policy is to outline the strategies and procedures revolving around our waiting list for services provided by Young Gloucestershire.

Young Gloucestershire is not a crisis service and does not provide crisis response, all referrals are actioned and responded to in accordance to the date in which they are received.

We aim to provide appropriate and effective holistic support to children and young people meeting the needs of their development, mental health and wellbeing through a range of different programmes. Waiting lists quickly become inaccurate if they are not maintained consistently. Waiting times are extremely difficult to predict as they rely on so many variable factors. These include for example; people wanting support on days or times not available, gender preference of a worker or counsellor or circumstances in which someone is living, this means that the next person on the list will be offered a space but they will remain on the waiting list until we are able to meet their specific needs to engagement.

We have a maximum capacity for each of our programmes and this is capped in accordance with funding streams and workforce scope. Once a programme is at capacity a waiting list starts and is managed in chronological order and in accordance with legislative requirements.