“The Link is a hive of activity, and it’s easily a place where you can experience four seasons in one day - in terms of the range of issues young people come in with. From the euphoric celebration of gaining employment to someone declaring that they have nowhere to sleep, it’s simply been a humbling yet positive environment to be a part of.

“Working in the Link has been a steep learning curve, I think the scariest aspect to the work in the Link is feeling that I don’t quite know enough about anything. The issues are so far and wide it’s difficult to know what to say to a young person sometimes. What I have realised is that a genuine warm smile, positive attitude and taking the time to listen is probably the best starting point to helping a young person overcome a difficulty they are facing.”

“From those that are regular attendees, who bounce in and make themselves at home making a cup of tea and then talking about issues affecting them or something that is happening in the news. To those who enter and nervously approach the front desk. They are so brave to take that first step to getting support. I can sense the relief when a young person relaxes and is assured everything will be alright.”

“Currently I am also supporting young people to complete an employability qualification through The Link and would encourage any 16 – 25 year olds to pop in and see how The Link can help. The Link really is the front door to Young Gloucestershire – if you pop in and see us here we will be able to discuss all the courses and opportunities the charity has to offer – and I will be delighted to meet you.”