Young Gloucestershire offers a number of programmes that introduce young people to a mentor. Each programme differs slightly in terms of the young people it aims to support but each offers a unique relationship that will support young people to move forward and make positive life choices.

To access any of our services download our referral form or email us if you would like to chat.

Full Circle 

10-18 year olds who are considered at risk.

This programme supports young people in all different circumstances that mean they are considered at risk. This may include exploitation, exclusion, living in supported housing or on a care plan.

Our mentors will be led by the young person, offering support unique to them, their situation and their ambitions. The process will move at a pace set by the young person, can last up to six months and meetings will be held in locations that suit the mentee. Activities will be based on the young person’s likes and dislikes and will encourage them to explore situations and opportunities they may not have before. Goals will be set based on the young person’s own ambitions to create change.


10 – 17 year olds at risk of committing crimes involving violence.

This unique programme helps young people build a positive relationship with a mentor who understands the specific pressures and challenges that their situation brings. Our mentors have first-hand experience of taking steps away from a life involving violence and crime.

Meetings take place weekly, in an informal and relax environment that suits the mentee. The support is available for up to six months and together the pair will identify areas for personal development including; communication, self-awareness, empathy and coping with stress and emotions. Young people will build life skills and resilience, to empower them to make life choices that stop them becoming involved in violence and crime.

This programme is funded and delivered in partnership with Fearless, the Youth Support Team, Gloucestershire County Council, The Office of the Police Crime Commissioner and Gloucestershire Constabulary. To access this specific programme an Exchange referral form must be complete and sent to a panel will then consider if this programme is most suited to the young person or whether one of our other projects can offer better support.

Gloucestershire Mentoring Programme

11-14 year old girls who have had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) or are at risk or involved in the criminal justice system.

This county-wide programme sees us working with a number of other youth and community organisations: The Door, Breathe Youth, WAM,1625IP, Thames Valley Partnership and The Nelson Trust. Girls and young women are specifically matched with a trained volunteer mentor, based on the young person's  experiences and ambitions. The trusted mentor will provide practical advice and emotional support to help the young person build resilience, grow in confidence and equip them with tools to make good choices, all leading to a more positive future.  The pair will work together, meeting regularly, for a minimum of one year and up to two. This is a great opportunity to introduce a long term, positive influence into someone’s life at a time when they are making critical decisions about their future. For more information about Gloucestershire Mentoring Programme click here.


15-25 year olds with disabilities

The project aims to reduce loneliness and social isolation for disabled young people by supporting them to become embedded in their community and plan for a meaningful future. We will match young people with a volunteer mentor who can help build their confidence and help them explore life outside of formal education.

The project works with young people who are approaching, or have recently passed a point of transition out of formal education, have a physical, sensory or intellectual impairment or have autism/are autistic and would benefit from becoming engaged with people and groups in their local community.

Transition Chat 

Year 11 students whose plans have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Students work with youth workers who will mentor and offer advice and guidance about their next steps. The support has three stages.

  • Initial meetings will be virtual. Students will be encouraged to discuss their ambitions, concerns and options for the future. This may include virtual tours of college campuses etc.
  • Support will continue through the summer months, face-to-face meetings will take place when appropriate. Support can focus on building confidence, life skills and readiness for change.
  • Support will continue into November to ensure students remain happy in their next steps and settle well into new routines.


Some common questions:

How much do your programmes cost?

All our programmes are free. As a charity we receive funding from a variety of partnerships, grants and trusts.

Can I become a mentor?

Yes we are currently recruiting for volunteer mentors to work on the Gloucestershire Mentoring Programme. If you are interested please send your CV to