We currently have a few different types of support delivered by the Mental Health and Wellbeing team.

Bounce- Self harm support for 14-25 year olds in Gloucestershire

This 6 week intervention offers one to one CBT counselling alongside youth work support to help with practical issues.

The aim is to explore healthier coping mechanisms and address other practical issues such as housing, benefits, finding work or training, confidence building etc. at the same time.

Download the Bounce poster.

Flex – Flexible support for 16-25 year olds in Gloucestershire

Flex by name Flex by nature! Here we offer up to 6 months of weekly counselling and/or youth work support for those who maybe have not got much a support network at home. Or you may have tried other things to help before and you feel it’s not really helped.

We can help with exploring emotions and addressing practical issues in a safe space either face to face/ telephone or video call and in the community.

We offer sessions up to 7pm, and if there are any barriers in accessing our service, we can talk about them to make sure you can access our service!

Download the Flex poster.

Linked up+ - Flexible support for 16-25 year olds in Gloucestershire

Same as Flex but specifically for those in care / leaving care.

Download the Linked Up+ poster.

Fusion- Practical support for those 18-25 exiting Wotton lawn

Fusion is all about integration!

Have you left Wotton lawn in the last 3 months? Do you struggle to attend your mental health appointments and are struggling with being back in the community?

We can help with organisation skills/ education and training/ hobbies/ housing and much more!

Covid counselling (15-25)

As it says on the tin- has your mental health been impacted by the covid crisis? Do you feel like you would benefit from someone to talk to for up to 6 months in a safe space? Our counsellors may be able to help!

Download the Covid counselling poster.

Due to the flexible nature of our projects, at times there may be waiting lists.

If you require any more info please give Emma Norledge (Mental Health and wellbeing coordinator) a call on T: 01452 501008 Extension: 350