Green Initiatives

We are an environmentally conscious organisation, and continue to assess our environmental impact to identify areas for improvement. We are proud to say that we have appropriate recycling bins in place and are involved in an ink cartridge and crisp packet recycling scheme, which donates funds to our charity of choice, one being the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. We also have food compost bins in both our kitchens. The garden is filled with bird feeders and boxes to help sustain the local wildlife. We encourage staff to use public transport, cycle and walk into work when possible as well as tips to help save energy around the office. Through the Green Impact Award we are making more beneficial changes such as purchasing eco-friendly cleaning products and Fairtrade tea and coffee.

Green Influencers Scheme

The Green Influencers Scheme is a match-funded project through The National Lottery Community Fund, the Department of Culture, Media & Sport and the Ernst Cook Trust. The project will run for two years, aiming to target 120 young people, and has appointed 40 Green Mentors across the country by host organisations to facilitate groups of empowered young people (aged 10-14) to work on environmental social action. Our appointed Green Mentor is our Environmental Youth worker, Amy Pickford.

Most of the work will take place within schools delivering a 6 week package, however the intentions are to inspire community action in the long-term. Therefore, we are looking to link up with other bodies who run free environmental volunteering opportunities targeting young people within that age bracket. If you are looking for volunteers then please get in touch with Amy at

Environmental Team

Green Impact is a United Nations award-winning programme designed to support environmentally and socially sustainable practice within organisations. Categories include: Water, Energy, Biodiversity & Community, Travel, Procurement, Health & Wellbeing, Waste & Recycling and Embedding & Communication.

Each category can have up to nine separate criteria and various award levels are attained by earning the points for each criteria. We are going for Gold this year (worth 200 points). We hope to continue with this ethos leaving an environmentally friendly legacy!

So far we have managed to achieve the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. More information can be found on their website