One of YG’s aims in all the work it does is to see young people reach their potential. One of the ways this can be achieved is by young people seeking employment opportunities which allow them to grow and develop. It is a challenge finding opportunities for some of our young people as they don’t have much on their CV’s, they have limited experience in working and often face challenges.

Teaming up with Commercial Foundations has been a real breath of fresh air. It has created an opportunity as Commercial Group are willing to support unemployed young people who don’t have great track records but have the right attitude and are willing to learn. Together YG and Commercial Foundations are working on a social enterprise venture called We Do Print.

We Do Print is a printing social enterprise it is a real live print shop which is trading and receiving daily requests for work. This could be through requests from local charities, businesses or Commercial Groups corporate clients. The young people deal with every part of the work from quoting for the job, to updating the database, getting the proofs signed off and printing. Alongside this young people receive training in a customer service qualification and a series of online courses.

The young people spend approx. 12 weeks volunteering at the social enterprise learning all different aspects of the job and completing their qualification. Following this the young people are supported to find paid work. Commercial Foundations and YG are developing working relationships with a range of businesses in the community who are willing to give the young people a second chance and employ them.

So far several of the young people have been employed by Commercial Group themselves and we are seeing the young people thrive in the environment. The smile on the young people’s face when they share that they feel like a real human again because someone was willing to give them a chance, they are earning their own money and they are now contributing to their families etc.…. makes all the hard work worth it.

We are currently seeking businesses who are looking to expand their work force to discuss work opportunities for young people. So if you are willing to give a young person a chance and have employment vacancies get in touch.