“Hi, my name is Tamsin and I’ve recently joined Young Gloucestershire as part of the National Citizen Service (NCS) team. I’m 25 years old with a degree in Business IT and have previously worked in retail for the last five years. I’ve always been passionate about young people and volunteered as a youth worker in my spare time for about seven years.

“I had been looking for a full time job working with young people and was always hit with the barrier of no formal qualification. I came across a job online that didn’t ask for qualifications so I applied instantly. I was unsuccessful but was invited to consider another job, which I now do! I didn’t really know that much about NCS but have worked with a number of young people who had done the programme and really benefited from it, so I thought, yeah I’d love to be involved in that.

“What I love about YG is that experience and passion comes before being qualified. The staff team have been so welcoming and friendly and I finally feel like I have a job that I love. I’m really excited to go out on my first NCS programme this summer and see a transformation in young people’s lives and have lots of fun!”