Like all charities Young Gloucestershire is reliant on donations, grants and income from the local community to keep the great services that are on offer going. This is an ongoing challenge in current economic climate where more people are seeking funding from the same sources.

Scandals like the Kids company saga threaten the reputations and validity of charities like YG as people become concerned what charities use their funding for and whether there is abuse of funds. It also seems a little unfair that some charities can access large sums of money with limited due diligence. Recent publicity regarding charities harassing individuals for funding and causing undue stress on people also places challenges to organisations like YG.

Here at YG we receive very little income from individual donors, we don’t door knock asking for donations, we don’t have hawkers in the street asking people to sign up to monthly donations. We don’t ring people up and ask them to donate. We however have to think a little different about how we generate income for the charity. YG currently spends 83% of all its income on delivering services to young people. The remaining funding is spent on administration, governance and a small amount on raising income.

YG for the first time in the summer this year employed a full time fundraiser. Since Karl has come into post he has developed a range of scheme and opportunities to engage with local people, local businesses and community groups to seek ways to increase the income to YG so we can continue delivering the wonderful things we do.

I am excited to see the range of opportunities that Karl is generating for the charity whether this is our partnership with Gloucester City marathon to provide work experience for young people and generate income from runners in the marathon to relationships he is developing with local businesses who are signing up to support the mentoring programme.

What is becoming clear is Gloucestershire is a community who care about their young people and all sorts of people are interested in getting involved and creating opportunities so that our young people can reach their potential.