Young Gloucestershire was lucky recently to be successful in the securing of funding to provide sports kit to a number of partner youth clubs based across the County. This means that we are able to buy resource kits for seven partner clubs across the County. This included: Kwick cricket, uni hoc, bowling, frisbee, badminton sets, rounders sets and an assortment of balls. Each piece of equipment came with rules to ensure that the volunteers/workers in the local club knew how to use the equipment. The clubs that were luck enough to receive the equipment were:

  • Glo Active
  • Young Farmers
  • Stonehouse Youth club
  • Hartpury youth club
  • Rodborough youth club
  • Upper rissington youth club
  • World Jungle

The young people of Stonehouse Youth Club sent the following message after receiving the equipment.

We were so excited when receiving the new sports kit, and wanted to play a game of hockey instantly! We went outside with our youth worker and played a 3 vs 3 winners stays on tournament, with the young person white team being victorious! We are already planning an indoor ten pin bowling tournament for the next session, making up knock out competition style leagues.

Matt the youth worker also commented. The young people have started planning what games and competitions they can start playing, from Rounder's to Kwick cricket, with spring around the corner the sport equipment could not have come at a better time: with lighter nights and better weather the kit will be well used.

This kit will allow Youth Workers to keep promoting the importance of team work and communication, as well as encourage healthy lifestyles and exercise, whilst ultimately having awesome enjoyment and fun, whilst engaging in new games and sports.

Young Gloucestershire were please to be able to support the partners who work so hard providing youth clubs to young people with this kit. We continue to seek funding and opportunities to provide to our partner clubs.

Young Gloucestershire is grateful to RBS for the grant - for more information, please visit RBS' website.