Hey! My name’s Stevie. I have the awesome job of being a Youth Worker for Young Gloucestershire. My background includes being an outdoor instructor, youth work from a variety of backgrounds, Senior Support worker within housing support & being a Cooperate Parent and now I’ve found my place with YG’s amazing team!

Part of what I do with YG is creating opportunities for young people to get involved and shape our services.  I do this by making sure the young people I work with are having fun and meeting new people, but still learning in a fun informal way. These are called Social Action Events. These are carried out by individuals or groups of people working together to help out others who may need support. The point of these projects is to bring about social change that will benefit individuals, communities & even society. We are always keen to explore ideas and opportunities so do let us know if you want to get involved.

Another part of what I do is help the Youth Board on behalf of YG, which is pretty much run by the young people to do as they see fit. At the moment, the Youth Board are currently focussed on a research project, looking into the needs of young people in Gloucestershire.

This literally means that these guys involved already have the opportunity to mould the future of YG. Do you think that having a Youth Board full of young people would have more of an idea of what young people need than a bunch of adults? I reckon so! So, If you like what you’ve read here, why not get in contact with YG & get involved?