As one part of the Engagement Support Team (known in the office as Samber!) we are responsible for all of the young people and their families once they have signed up to the NCS programme. This entails us ensuring that they have all of the information about the programme, communicating any changes and gathering information, as well as ensuring we speak to each young person or parent/guardian every month until the programme begins in July (that is over 1000 phone calls, emails and texts a month!).

With so many young people going to different residential sites and needing different information for each part of the programme, it is safe to say there is never a boring moment in the office. Touching base every month is a great way to build relationships with the young people and their families and get to know them.

Last summer we had a chance to get out of the office and visit the young people on the programme. It was great to put a name to the face (as we had spent so much time on the phone to these young people and not actually met them!). It gave us an opportunity to see the programme in full swing and have a laugh at the Time To Perform performances we got to watch.

We are looking forward to seeing what summer 2019 has to offer!!