YG has a range of partnerships where they work with other organisations across the county to deliver services to young people. Partnerships are normally formed as each organisation can offer something different, whether this is a different skills base, opportunity or expertise.

YG is pleased to be working with Teens in Crisis to make mental health support and service to young people more accessible. YG have teamed up together with TIC and devised a programme that will see young people who access ‘The Link’ drop in service have earlier and quicker access to counselling help and support. The aim of the programme is to intervene early and help young people gain coping mechanisms to face the challenges in their lives.

There is one stumbling block at the moment and this is the funding to pilot the service. A variety of funding bids have been submitted to a range of local organisations in Gloucestershire and we are seeking £15,000 to pilot the programme and prove the positive outcomes it can achieve.

We are very excited by the new early intervention scheme and hope we will be reporting in a few months success for funding the pilot. If you could help fund the pilot then please get in touch.