So I’m back in YG just in time to spread some Christmas cheer with my Festive Jumper collection.

After a brief job change in Swindon, I realised that the A417/9 wasn’t for me, so I came back to join the NCS team as an Engagement Worker. My new role involves working closely with schools and other organisations to go and speak to 16/17 year olds about the NCS programme. It’s different from what I did previously and allows me to use my imagination to find new ways to engage with young people. I’m really passionate about NCS, being able to spend time with young people who really want to make a positive impact on the community and change the image that some people have of 16/17 year olds is really rewarding.

As December has begun, my collection of Christmas Jumpers has slowly started to make an appearance. The 1st December saw a subtle Christmas number; I didn’t want to be too ‘in your face’ as it’s still early days. As the days and weeks progress, they will become more and more festive, I might even throw in a couple of musical numbers too, before the 18th December where I plan to wear the tackiest Christmas jumper I can possibly find (all suggestions welcome, as I still haven’t managed to find one). Tracy is logging all my jumpers on Twitter, so check out her Twitter (@TracyClarkYG) to see my collection and send in your festive jumpers too.

I’m really looking forward to my future at YG and being given a new opportunity to utilise my skills to work with a variety of different young people.