I work with 16-25 year olds with substance misuse issues to support them to meet their goals. The service is tailored for each individuals and aims to help them achieve their goals whilst informing about risks of drug or alcohol use.

The aim of this project is to transition 18-25 year olds into adult substance misuse services. The local substance misuse service in Gloucestershire is CGL (Change, Grow, Live). I work alongside CGL and will support the young person into, throughout and out of CGL services and essentially “hand hold” young people through the process. As CGL only cater for 18+ I will also be providing support to 16 and 17 year olds on a 121 basis in the link.

This work is not all about the young person stopping their use all together, but rather an aid to help educate and inform about risks and how to use safely. It also aims to help the young person reduce the amounts they are using and will provide individual support.

It’s not all about sitting down and talking. It’s about going out together and having a walk or a coffee and getting to know each other and what the young person wants to achieve. It’s about looking into why they use and what they like and dislike about their use. It aims to target triggers, anxieties and barriers and how this can be overcome.

As well as being based in the link I will be providing mobile provision in Stroud to support younger people who may struggle to get to the Gloucester area. This will be every Friday and will held in housing support providers. The aim is to inform young people about the service so they are aware of support available to them if needed.

Working for Young Gloucestershire has been a great experience so far, the staff are lovely and have been so welcoming. The link is a great place to work and each day is something new. Everyone has been a great support whilst trying to set up a new service and I hope that this will expand and young people will benefit from the support that is being offered.