It’s always nerve wracking starting a new job, but I couldn’t have had a better experience. Everyone at Young Gloucestershire were warm and friendly. I could see from day one that although they are a very busy team, they like to have a laugh and are fairly laid back, they really know the young people that they work with and clearly care about the experience the young people that they have with them.

Week one was spent doing the relevant induction and training, along with preparing for my NCS team. Week two was the first week of my NCS team. The team was amazing, with a great team of young people and a fantastic team of leaders and assistants. NCS was brilliant fun, really well organised with a variety of activities, the young people in my team had a go at every single activity, even when they didn’t want to, I was so impressed with them.

During week two, we stayed in Park End, which had no phone signal or wifi - some of the young people complained about this, but in the end, they realised it was a blessing in disguise and helped make the team as instead of being on their phones, they actually spoke to each other and played games in their free-time.

They really pulled together in week three to achieve a fundraiser on the Friday and to carry out a social action project in week 4 at the Friendship Café, painting their outside wall with ‘Welcome’ in different languages as seen in the pictures. With four days to plan their fundraiser for Teens in Crisis, they managed to raise £176.51 in the Eastgate Centre with face painting, a jumble stall, guess the name of the teddy and guess the number of sweets in the jar and Mario Kart Brothers computer game on a big screen.

All the young people really enjoyed themselves and one of their highlights was making new friends. Each having their own strengths, I have no doubt that they will all go on to do great things and be successful in which ever life path they choose.

As for me, I’m looking forward to really getting my teeth into my new role of NCS Engagement Officer and Administrator and getting to know the team better.