Hi, my name is Kirsty and I am the new Lead Worker at The Link. I am working with Alicia to deliver some new programmes for YG.

One of these is called EmpowHER, which is a new and exciting programme that has come from the 2012 Olympics.

EmpowHER is delivered in partnership with British Red Cross and Young Women’s Trust, which helps open up more opportunities for young women and girls.

The project is about helping young women and girls get a deeper understanding around empowerment, resilience and the rights of the individual using 3 main areas. These are ‘Myself, My Community and My World’.

It will be a way to be creative and cover topics that will help the women and girls to understand, empathise and raise awareness around issues important to not only them but the people around them.

This project allows the freedom and flexibility to feel valued and decide what is important to them and what social action project they would like to do within their community.

We hope to inspire young women and girls between 10-20 years old to lead change. It is also a fantastic opportunity for everyone who completes the programme to gain a UK Youth Achievement Bronze Award.

We can’t wait to showcase the work that young women will be doing.