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How did Gloucester Prison Get a Spooky Reputation?

HM Prison Gloucester, a former category B men’s prison in Gloucestershire, holds a rich history dating back to its beginning in 1792. The prison was built on the grounds of Gloucester Castle, which serves as a reminder of its historical and gruesome past.

Throughout the centuries, Gloucester Prison witnessed public executions within its gatehouse. These grisly events, which took place right at the prison’s entrance, captivated audiences and served as a warning for potential wrongdoers. This shadow of death loomed over the site until the 20th century.

Following its closure in 2013, due to overcrowding, a local historian stated that the remains of over 122 individuals may still lie buried within the prison’s grounds, with it’s dark past the prison has earnt its reputation as one of the most haunted in the UK.

This September, Young Gloucestershire will be challenging people to spend a night within the buildings haunted walls. Sleeping in the derelict cells or on the abandoned balconies. The night promises to be one you’ll never forget, with music, food, drinks and entertainment we will be sure to stir the spirts.

Those that wish to take on this spooky challenge need to raise £100 which will go toward supporting the most vulnerable young people in Gloucestershire.

Why not gather a group of friends and join us for the ultimate night in…Are you brave enough to stay in Britain’s most haunted prison?

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