I could not have asked for a better experience of my first team. Every single young person had a personal journey of development and have gone on to a new brighter future. Being a part of this team's story means a lot to me and being able to watch them grow has been an honour.

A highlight for me as their team leader, was facilitating them through their community project phase. The group planned and organised the fundraising aspect, in which they cycled the distance from Gloucester to Devon on static bikes in the local shopping centre as well as bag packing at the local supermarket and raised over £200. The energy they brought to this challenge was infectious and helped carry us through!

They viewed 5 potential projects. But felt immediate passion for the Stonham Housing project, they felt the services the housing group provide are invaluable and really felt the staff worked very hard and deserved something to brighten their day. They were given complete creative freedom to redesign the garden of one of the houses that currently supported 13 adults recovering from addictions, mental illnesses and homelessness. They talked to external organisations and received donations such as a garden bench and 3 tonnes of bark, which was an incredible display of their dedication to the cause. The group had relentless energy throughout the project and were truly inspiring.

This commitment followed through to the rest of the programme and I could not be prouder of the support they showed each other. I wish them all the best on their new ventures, make good choices guys!