"It’s really important to keep some level of structure or routine to your day. This will help keep your sense of wellbeing up but will also help you feel productive. You don’t necessarily need to plan your whole day (if this works for you then absolutely do it!) but even just having a plan for the morning can help. 

If you’re finding it difficult to get out of bed, having a planned self-care routine can help motivate you to get up.

For Example;

  • When I wake up I will get up straight away if I can, or set the alarm to snooze once and then get up.
  • Straight after getting out of bed I will put on the light or open the curtains and take a few deep, relaxing breaths.
  • Then I will prepare myself for the day in a self-caring way by having a shower and getting dressed, then eating something nutritious for breakfast.
  • If I am finding this difficult to do I will be kind to myself and recognise how hard it is to do this when I am feeling so low. I will encourage myself to try anyway because I know it will make me feel better in the long run. If this is a particularly difficult day, I will let myself go back to bed for half an hour before trying again. 

Have a go at writing yours:

When I wake up I will; ______________________________________________________________________________________

Straight after getting out of bed I will; ______________________________________________________________________________________

Then I will prepare myself for the day in a caring way by; ______________________________________________________________________________________

If I am finding this difficult to do I will; ______________________________________________________________________________________

Making a soothing home space:

Is your room a welcoming, comfortable place to rest and re-charge? If possible, try and separate your room for just sleep and relaxing. Try and do work or college work in a different space. This will help your mind change into different modes and will help with your bedtime routine. Some aspects of your home space might be out of your control, but what can you do to improve your home environment and make it a more positive place to be?

Write five simple things you could do to make your space more positive for you. Some ideas could be; put up posters, clean your room, have a clear out and get rid of things you don’t want, wash your bedding, put up photos of happy times to remind you that happiness will return - your turn:

  1. ..
  2. ..
  3. ..
  4. ..
  5. ..

Focusing Outward

When things are tough, it can become really easy to get caught in a cycle of negative thoughts about yourself and the world and it becomes all too easy to only focus inwards. When we aren’t keeping ourselves busy and using some distraction techniques, it can be really difficult to focus on anything but our negative thoughts. Let’s look at how we might use small, simple distractions to break some of these cycles:

Distraction techniques I might try, e.g. watch a film, read a book, draw something, cook or bake, do some house work.


Things I could do to stay active e.g. go for a walk or run, walk a dog, follow a YouTube workout video.


How I might break-up the isolation e.g. phone a friend, have a chat or watch a film with others in my household, Skype or Facetime friends and family, write someone a letter.


One creative activity I could try to release feelings e.g. writing, dancing, making music, drawing, painting, journaling.


What can I learn to keep myself busy and distracted e.g. learn some phrases in a different language, try some online qualifications, do your Maths and English with the Link, read a book about something you’re interested in.



My focusing outward intention plan:

Chose one of the things you’ve listed above and write a clear, detailed statement about how you will achieve it this week:

-I will _____________________________________________________________________________

-I will do this by ___________________________________________________________________

-I will ask _________________________________________________ to help me.

Give it a go, ask your self these questions and use the time you have at home to discover a bit about yourself. Keep your mind busy and productive and above all, remember you are not in this alone. The Youth Workers from the Link are here to support you. You can sign up to our new distance service Link Chat, where we will regularly call you and can even help you work through some of these ideas."