I first got involved with Young Gloucestershire in September 2013 when I moved to the Gloucestershire area. I was informed then referred to the Young Gloucestershire team by a former professional I was involved with. This was because I was a new resident and did not have any form of social network around me, the aim of my referral was to make friends and open new doors in my life.

My first initial involvement with YG was attending a youth group called The Hub which was ran every Tuesday. I think that being involved in the youth group was a success because I got to know the staff at YG and also the other members of the group. Unfortunately The Hub Youth Group ended after a period of time due to funding, much to my disappointment. I made a lifelong friend who I still have regular contact with on a weekly basis and I feel that attending the youth group helped me a lot because it broadened my social life and increased my confidence.

After The Hub had ended I sadly didn't return back to Young Gloucestershire for a while due to personal circumstances becoming apparent in my own life. Although I stopped my involvement at YG, I carried on my student life at Gloucestershire College studying Health and Social Care until one day I received a phone call from Ione Sime. The phone call was in regards to how I was getting on in life and what I was doing with myself on a day to day basis. By the time I received this phone call I had already successfully achieved and completed my Health and Social Care Course and was onto my second year at Gloucestershire College. Following on from that, she was asking if I would be interested in coming back to Young Gloucestershire and getting involved in a Mentoring Scheme.

I thought that I'd give the Mentoring Scheme a try and see what it's entailed of, so a day was scheduled for me to meet up with Ione and discuss the ins and outs of what mentoring would be. After finding out about the scheme I thought that it would be a good opportunity for me to get involved and see what would come of it. My first meeting with my mentor was just an introducing session and I found it very appealing and positive, I am now in my 6/7th week of my mentoring, I have found it extremely positive and useful in my career path. At the moment we are focusing on the starting points and routes for me to get to my chosen career choice then near future plans are to take part in work experience/voluntary work with my mentor to further my knowledge on different sectors in the social sector.

My experience with Young Gloucestershire and everyone at The Link has been incredibly fun and supportive, everyone is lovely and understanding of myself and my choices. Recently I have discussed with Matt and Sadie about volunteering in local youth clubs that Young Gloucestershire run and I hope that this is a very exciting step along my journey.

Following on from this my life and career has spiralled off in all different exciting journeys. I am now currently an employee of The Warehouse Climbing Centre in Gloucester and also I am now an employee of Rooftop Housing Group as an Engagement Worker. YG informed me about the position at Rooftop and encouraged me to apply for the post, so with help from everyone at The Link I applied for the position and excitedly I was shortlisted. Again with help from everyone at The Link I prepped for the interview, attended and to my excitement, I was successful. I will be starting my new job within the next few weeks and I am excited for my next journey.

Alongside mentoring, college and my 2 jobs, I am also doing other things in my free time. I am doing voluntary work for 2 youth organisations and also getting more involved with YG. In the last couple of weeks I have done a case study with Claire Benjamin and I have also been asked to take part in a promo video for Young Gloucestershire.

I can honestly say that I am at my happiest in life and I cannot express how much YG and everyone at YG have helped and supported me along my journey. Their positive wise words and persistent help has given me the strength to be a better person.

I will be looking forward to whatever my next route is along my very exciting journey.