April….showers, chocolate, bank holidays, oh, and the end of the financial year!

April signifies lots of things for lots of people, but it is also a huge milestone in most people’s financial calendars. It’s the time of year when businesses and charities need to tie up loose ends, do lots of sums and recount for their activity over the last year.

Alongside all the sums and money stuff, it is also a time of year that we reflect on what we have achieved. In my role as Marketing and Fundraising Executive I produce YG’s Annual Review. This document brings together statistical information about what we have done over the year with stories about real people we have worked with and the successes they have had.

It’s a challenging and fulfilling document to work on. For me the statistics prove really interesting and allow us to make clear comparisons year on year. But it is the stories from young people that really grab my attention. While preparing for the document I get to go out and visit young people, either on their YG programmes, during their work experience or even a few months later when they have finished with YG and are working somewhere. I really enjoy the chance to meet young people and hear about their experience of working with YG. No two stories are the same. Each young person comes to us with their own set of challenges and are at different points in their journey. But what inspires me every time is their enthusiasm and determination to succeed no matter what.

Sometimes it is easy to get lost amongst the big picture, the finances and figures. Every now and again it is helpful to listen to the individual stories of young people, to hear how far they have come and how they have been supported to get there. For me these stories help show the true value of the charity and certainly make me feel proud to be part of an organisation that support these kind if achievements.

The latest copy of the Annual Review will be available in early summer. If you would like to receive a copy you can contact us at hello@youngglos.org.uk or you will be able to download a copy from the website.