“I started attending my local youth club, which was run by YG. It was here that I was introduced to the Prince’s Trust Team programme that YG ran. The course was brilliant. Within three months of completing, I had a full-time job. But a career in retail is not my dream.

“That’s when I got involved with YG’s mentoring programme. I had always thought about being a teacher but I wasn’t 100% sure so I just never tried.

“I met Regina, my mentor, for a coffee – she was lovely. She was a teacher herself so she was able to tell me all about her experiences and gave me really great advice. She helped me pick college courses, write applications and she even used her connections to help me find work placements.

“Now I’m back at college. I have a regular placement in a school, I’m still holding down my retail job and I’m back living with my mum. I know what I want now. I have a plan for my future.

 “YG has been a helping hand at all different stages in my life; helping me to get my life on track and make important decisions. Having a mentor has given me that extra push and specialist knowledge to help me work towards a career that I will love.”