“Finishing counselling has been a huge decision for me. Both scary and liberating. I have suffered with mental health issues for years. I was diagnosed with Anorexia when I was 11 and I have continued to struggle with anxiety and depression. I have had counselling for years but It was when I was introduced to Young Gloucestershire's Drug and Alcohol worker and entered Infobuzz’s counselling programme two years ago that I started on a new path.

“My drug use started slowly with weed when I was 14 but when I started at college my relationship with my parents was not great and I moved out of home. I was living in a bit of a party house with my friends and I was using all sorts. I was taking cocaine most days. I have always had a difficult relationship with my family. My mum has suffered with her own mental health problems and we aren’t the type of family to talk about how we feel. Last year I was working two jobs and too many hours, I hit breaking point and I slit my wrists and took an overdose.

"I have seen so many counsellors but it was only when I started with YG that I really started to learn about myself and started to change the way I think about things. I had the counsellor helping me process the ‘whys’ and then I had the Drug and Alcohol Worker and Mental Health Youth Workers helping me make practical changes; making plans, setting goals and rewards. For once it was nice to feel supported. To have people telling me ‘it’s ok not to be ok.’

“I have been off work since my suicide attempt but I feel like this is the next step for me. I have set up my own jewellery making business and have re-found my interest in art and painting. Next I am enrolling on YG’s Going the Extra Mile programme that helps young people get back into work. Working with YG has been like a reawakening. Last year I tried to take my own life. Now I know, I want an amazing life and I see that is possible for me.”