“I met YG by chance when they came into a charity shop I was volunteering at. They told me about all the different training programmes they offer and I was happy to get involved. It was great fun and I really liked the course. I enjoyed the residential, doing all the really cool activities. It was great being outdoors. We did spend some time in the class room which was the hardest bit for me, but it showed me I can concentrate and get the work done when I need to.

“YG showed me that I am good at helping people and that I have lots of skills employers would want. Since finishing the course I have been working full time as a Shift Engineer for a large blue chip company. I’m really enjoying the job and have also gone back to college to help me progress my career. The job means I am able to pay for the college course myself and I am also saving up for a place of my own.

“My experience at YG has shown me that I am capable of hard work and am a valuable member in a team. It feels good to be back on my feet and taking care of myself again.”


“I was happy to take a chance on Paul, after all someone took a chance on me once. He’s keen and enthusiastic and fits in well with the team.” Alistair Lowe (Engineering Services Manager)