“I used a few of YG’s services and it was with the help of my YG mentor that I got a place on the ‘Marks & Start’ volunteer scheme at Marks and Spencer. After a month of volunteering, I was offered a part time contract. Over the next two years I increased to full time with promotions and additional responsibilities. I have gone from that lazy teenager who sat in bed for a good three years claiming benefits, to feeling motivated, driven and proud of my achievements.

“Through work I have learnt so much, met new friends and found ways to contribute to the world. I have travelled and been inspired to change my life style. I have lost over 10 stone in weight, learnt to cook, eat healthy and exercise. The feeling of achieving and contributing to the world is addictive.

“I feel very proud of everything I have achieved and feel grateful to YG for their help and support. I recently ran the Gloucester Marathon to raise money for the charity and have now won the ‘Marks & Start Award for Wellbeing' in the Pride of Marks & Spencer Awards. It was an honour to be at the event and I was so pleased to receive the £1000 donation on behalf of Young Gloucestershire.

“I think back to who I was when I first met YG and it’s hard to describe how vital their help was. I never would have overcome the small challenges (that felt like huge ones back then) without their help. It’s great to still feel part of the YG community and even better to be able to contribute to it. Without their help I would still be unhappy, sat in my room alone. I’m in a much better place now. Small steps and big steps – but always moving forward.” 

(Nick is pictures above with his Store Manager and Line Manager at the London based awards ceremony).

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