"I was bullied and my learning difficulties made exam conditions really tough. The school chose not to put me in for my GCSE’s which was a real blow.

“I am motivated and ambitious but it has proved near impossible to get the help I need, to achieve qualifications to work in Childcare. With my mum by my side we have banged on doors and been sent to job clubs and training providers that just did not understand my learning difficulties or how to support me.

“I have felt lost and frustrated, as no one seemed willing to invest in me. Then I heard about YG and at last, I met people who really stopped, listened and tried to understand what I needed. Through the YG mentoring scheme I have met amazing people who believed in me and pushed down barriers to get me the help I needed. They discovered new benefits and support entitlements that no one else had suggested, they gave me tutoring and helped me find work placements that have built my CV and more importantly my confidence.

“Now with the right support in hand I am working towards getting my maths and English so I can finally work in the industry I love. Other services just wanted to tick their boxes but YG took the time to understand me and found ways that would really help me move forward.”