“Since that first introduction to YG in 2014, I have been on a journey of self-discovery. The staff have been the most supportive I have ever met.  After years of being afraid to ‘come out,’ the staff at YG gave me the confidence to live the life that feels right for me. With their support I was able to make the decision to live my life as a man when I was born a woman and start the transition process.

“YG gave me a mentor who has helped me explore my options. With their help I went back to college, found a part-time job and started work experience.

“YG has encouraged me to go for more, they made me believe in myself when I didn’t think it was possible. After working part-time, I have now secured a full-time position as a Care Assistant. After two years on benefits I am now self-sufficient and have nearly paid off all my debts.

“I have experienced some horrendous things in my life that no-one should have to go through. But with the support of YG, I have the confidence and motivation to look to the future and be proud of who I am.”