“I missed taking my GCSE’s after I was found to have a life threatening brain tumour. They only just found it in time. I had two emergency surgeries and months in hospital. I wasn’t a particularly loud or confident person before the tumour but since then I have really struggled with anxiety.

“Returning to school was very difficult. I was only allowed to take certain exams and my confidence was really low. I lost any friends I had and found it really hard to make new ones.

“My anxiety has made it difficult to hold down a job, I have tried all sorts, but people can be cruel and I just couldn’t stick at it. I have struggled on for eight years and then found out about YG after completing a course through the job centre.

“I completed the Prince’s Trust Team programme which helped me to try lots of new things and it has given me a chance to be around people, which is not something I’m used to.  Through YG I have been taking Mindfulness sessions which has helped me to react to situations in a slower and calmer way. I have also signed up to start counselling. This is a huge step for me and one that I feel finally ready to take with YG’s help.

“Thanks to YG I am now working for another local charity in a Kickstarter role. This has been a great experience and I am able to put into practice some of the skills I have learnt with YG. Eight years is a long time to have been hiding away, but the people closest to me have seen a real change and I am looking forward to continuing to exploring my future and all it has to offer.”