“I got to a stage where my medication was working, the voices and delusions were gone and I wanted to try to get some of my life back. I dropped out of college when I was 17, I never made friends and didn’t get on with the course. I was unemployed for about four years after that. I did get a job washing-up but I lost it because of my illness.

“I was desperate to get out there and find a job. Completing the course with YG has been brilliant – they have focused on my ambitions and helped me find a work placement at The Gloucester Cobbler. I love shoes and fashion and before YG I never would have had the confidence to approach the cobblers.

“I‘m not proud of my time in hospital but meeting new friends and sharing my story has really built my confidence. My English, writing and speaking are better and I have improved my CV and interview skills. I have been offered volunteer work at The Gloucester Cobbler and have an interview for a full time job with another cobblers. I feel like I can recognise my own strengths now and I am looking forward to putting them to use.”