“A friend told me about YG and I signed up for their National Citizen Service. I met some lifelong friends and had some amazing experiences but when it was over, I felt lost. I fell back into my old ways, I got in with the wrong crowd and started drinking again.

“YG ran a youth club near where I lived. They looked out for me and taught me about things like safe sex and drugs education. It was great to have that constant positive influence nagging at me. When they suggested I came back to try the Prince’s Trust Team programme, I gave it a go.

“I still wasn’t in the right mind set and my temper meant I found it hard to deal with frustrations. It took me two attempts to complete the course. That’s what is great about YG, they never gave up on me. It’s like the staff have the minds of teenagers – they really know how to relate to you.

“The next step for me was to find work. I really wanted to be self-sufficient and make my family proud. When YG told me about We Do Print, I was keen to get involved in something that might directly lead to work.

“We Do Print was different to anything I had done before. It put me in a real working environment. My behaviour had real consequences for the business and I felt genuine responsibility for my colleagues. It has provided me with a stepping stone into the working world and gave me a chance to prove myself to employers who might never have looked at me otherwise.

“Look at me now, I travel each morning to a job I love. I have been employed by The Commercial Group in a Customer Management role and I wake up early every day and feel motivated to help our clients, earn money and work hard to support my colleagues.

“It has been a long slow process for me but I feel lucky to have had YG offering me all these opportunities which have built me up and made me who I am today.

“I have even received a commendation from my Town Council. My achievements were recognised as part of their Civic Award for Young Person of the Year.”