“I have lived a hectic life; robbing, joy riding, fire arms, drugs, drink….I didn’t care. Last year I had a baby and he changed my perspective. He has been taken into care and may be adopted. But more than anything I want the chance to be a father to my son and I am determined to turn my life around so that I can.

“I walked in to YG’s drop-in to ask about their courses, I just wanted something to do. It’s not been a smooth ride and I know I haven’t always been easy to work with but they have stood by me, set me boundaries and never just kicked me out.

“In the past I had a really short fuse but slowly over time it has got longer. The staff in the drop-in have helped me to reflect on my behaviour and the choices I make. I think about consequences now. YG has been a constant support, somewhere to go and talk everything through. They have pointed me in the right direction but I have always known the change has to come from me.

“YG have helped me see that I need to hang around with the right people. I have stopped the drugs and I have gone and got myself a job as a Civil Enforcement Officer. I love my job and the team that I am working with. It is the first time in my life that I have felt valued as a person. I know I am making good decisions now and will carry on fighting but in the right way!”