“When I left YG nearly three years ago, I had had the most amazing experience and was buzzing for the next stage in my life. Since then I have completed my access course and got a place at Uni. It hasn’t all be smooth sailing though. When the pandemic hit I really struggled. Being locked inside messed with my head and the course I was on completely changed, everything went online. The Uni weren’t able to put in extra support, they didn’t consider my dyslexia or what access I would have working from home. I felt isolated and anxious.

“The old me would probably have dropped out, gone down some kind of spiral. But I had YG's voice in my head telling me ‘you can do it, this is your time to shine.’ So when the opportunity came to move to Bristol with some uni friends, I went for it. Then, when on a spontaneous trip to the zoo I saw I could apply for a transfer to a new course in zoology, I did. When I had to write an impressive application to get me one of the few placement positions available at Bristol zoo, I smashed it.

“YG gave me confidence to believe in myself and taught me to love myself. Since working with YG I have lost four and a half stone. I cycle to work and uni every day. I manage my anxiety through my art work, I balance uni work, placement work and part-time work to help fund my studies. And I am having the time of my life!

“I have plans to continue and finish my course and maybe even explore a masters. I want to specialise in primates or reptiles. I am so proud of all I have achieved, I feel great, I feel strong and I love having a purpose when I get up every day.”

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