"2017 has been a huge year of challenge for me, both personally and professionally. Aside from getting used to pound coins not being round anymore and The Bake Off being on Channel 4, the latest significant challenge for me is my change in role at YG, from being a Prince’s Trust Team Leader to being the NCS Recruitment Coordinator.

"My new role is focused on making sure my team of Engagement Workers are going into schools to promote the programme to eligible young people. We have 43 mainstream schools on our caseload, in addition to local SEN schools, alternate provisions and pupil referral units, so spend our days meeting hundreds of teenagers.

"NCS has been running for around five years now locally, so is starting to gain an amazing reputation for making a difference to the local community and the young people who take part. A lot of the young people who have signed up this year are younger siblings of previous NCS graduates, which shows what an amazing experience it is for those who take part.

"The move has meant joining a new team within YG and learning a lot of new processes, but my first 2 months have been invigorating. We have sent out four teams on a shorter Autumn programme and have over 500 young people already signed up for the full length summer programme.

"I cannot wait to see how the rest of the year plays out!"