The programme is in partnership with Fearless, YST, GCC, OPCC and Gloucestershire Constabulary. Identified CYP’s will be referred into the programme using our referral form and sent to the referrals will then be taken to a panel and a decision will be made if this programme is suited to their needs. Either way the CYP will be supported by being assigned to our mentor or referred to another service.

The mentoring will be strictly 1-2-1 and will take place weekly and together the mentor and mentee will identify the areas of personal development. This can consist of problem solving, effective communication, creative thinking, self-awareness building, coping with stress, critical thinking, decision making, interpersonal relationship skills, empathy and coping with emotions.

The overall aim of the programme is to prevent young people from entering into criminality and provide support that builds resilience. The mentors approach will give the CYP core life skills to empower them to make the right life choices in the future.