The Linked Up project offers information, practical support and guidance for young people who may be struggling with their mental health. Ranging from not knowing who to talk to or you’ve just received a diagnosis and don’t know what your next steps are.

Who is it for?

Linked Up Project is able to offer practical emotional support to 16-25 year olds facing challenges with their mental health/emotional wellbeing. You don’t need to have a formal diagnosis, if your mental health is starting to have an impact on your day-to-day life, it may be a good time to get in touch. Self-referral and professional referrals are welcome.

What can you expect?

The project offers 1:1 support to help you achieve a better understanding of mental illness and practical ways of coping and promotion of wellbeing. The project is person-centred and informal. It can range from having a chat over a cup of tea or starting with a phone call. We go at your pace!

The project is also working in partnership with our sister charity Infobuzz, this allows us to provide counselling alongside the practical support. We can offer CBT or Creative Arts Therapy.

Infobuzz offers a supportive and non-judgemental counselling service predominately for young people who are showing early signs of struggling with their mental health. Perhaps they are having difficulties at school, seem withdrawn or just not themselves. Our Counsellors work with young people who may be expressing their anxieties through self-harm or eating disorders and work with them to find more constructive coping mechanisms.

How to get involved?

Our Mental Health Youth Worker, Katy-Jane, is available in The Link Monday-Friday 11-4pm. If you would like to find out more, just email YG, give YG a call on 01452 501008 or download the referral form.