The EmpowHER programme is a 12 week programme to support young women and girls aged 10-20 to increase wellbeing and empower change within themselves, their community and the world. The programme is engaging and interactive and includes a Social Action Project. The programme works with its partners (British Red Cross) to offer bespoke fully risk assessed volunteering opportunities for young people to engage in. 

EmpowHER is a programme embedded with a strong impact and Learning Framework for young women and girls funded through Spirit 2012, delivered in Partnership with British Red Cross and Young Women’s Trust. This programme is designed to target the ‘Unusual Suspects’ and overall aim to inspire young women and girls to lead change. When describing the unusual suspect, the young women and girls identified could be vulnerable to low wellbeing and not engaging in meaningful social action opportunities.

The target ages are 10 –20 years old with a focus on the transition ages of younger girls and women at 10-12 and older girls and women at 16-18 years old.

This programme will cover modules that will address these low levels of wellbeing by empowering them to have a voice and be heard. The work will be delivered through face to face activities starting with the stage ‘My Self’ to learn about themselves and understanding of who they are. They will then work on the stage ‘My Community’ which will start to explore their community they live in and what they can do about it. The final stage will be ‘My World’ which will be their social action piece. This will be decided by the Young women and Girls with the support of the programme leaders. Their social action piece can be anything from raising awareness campaign to volunteering opportunities provided through the British Red Cross. 

There is also the opportunity for the all people taking part to gain a UK Youth Achievement Award (Bronze). This is awarded through the hours of engaged being met through completing the programme and two more challenges. These will be also be supported to achieve the award.

Please do not hesitate to contact YG if you should require any further information or support in identifying potential young women and girls. The website below is if you would like more information on the background, funding and partners involved on the project.

Also, you can download the EmpowHER Parental Consent Form.