"The majority of our volunteer mentors choose to volunteer alongside working full time. It is a great way to earn a wage and pursue your passion. As well as working full time, I volunteer to coach a basketball team at Gloucester Saxons and I love it. There are so many different types of volunteering. Check out do-it.org for different opportunities such as upcycling furniture, befriending someone with learning difficulties or conservation work. Whatever you want to do, there is an opportunity for you."

"The hours I spend volunteering are some of the best of my week. I love playing basketball and teaching young people new skills. My girls under 14’s team are fab! I recently took them on a trip down to Bristol to watch a Bristol Flyers game. They got a picture with the players and were truly inspired."

"Is it easy? – not always. Is it worth it ABSOLUTELY! You need to be able to manage your time and make a commitment. In return, you get to a topic of interest to talk about at interviews, a chance to get to know new people and do something you are passionate about."

"If you are interested in volunteering, pop down to the Link. We have many local connections with different organisations looking for volunteers."