YG are able to offer individual sessions focusing on specific areas of preparation for leaving secondary school or we can combine sessions to make a programme that can be delivered to suit your timetable.

YG are able to help students consider the vast array of options available to them after school. We can look at application processes, personal statements, volunteering opportunities and preparing for the work of work with CV and interview workshops.

We can explore young people's hopes, fears and expectations as we discuss changing relationships, living independently and responsibilities that come with that. Including Budgeting, bursaries and benefits.

We are able to help students consider their changing support networks and focus on positive mental health and techniques like mindfulness. We are able to explore session on drugs and alcohol, sex and relationships and other issue based topics.

Sessions remain focused on planning for the future with a positive and inspirational approach as we empower young people to make the most of this next step in their lives.

To discuss your students needs and help plan an event suitable for them please get in touch. getinvolved@youngglos.org.uk