There are some students who fail to flourish at school and you don't always have the time to give them to extra ttention they need to get them on track and enjoying school. 

YG are able to give you that extra capacity by working one-to-one with those students that need more time invested to remove their barriers to their success.

The mentoring programme focuses on social, emotional and personal development. We work with the young person to confront the issues that are challenging them in day-to-day life. This may involve home and school. We work with both parents and teachers to explore the best avenues for support. We will advocate on behalf of the young person and where appropriate can mediate between the young person, family and school. We work with the young person to make a plan for the future that includes achievable goals.

Our mentors offer a youth work approach to building relationships with young people, empowering them to make changes in their life see their full potential. By working with a mentor who is not directly employed by the school students are more likely to confide and explore situations that have been effecting them.

If you have students that you think would benefit from a mentor please get in touch to discuss the support we can offer.