What is a Youth Club?

The activities they offer may have changed a little but their purpose remains much the same. Youth clubs provide a safe place for young people to spend time outside of school, making friends and trying new things.  A local youth club can offer an excellent opportunity for young people in the community to engage in positive activities, make new friends and develop personal and social skills in a relaxed and informal setting.

Who Can Run a Youth Club?

You can do it yourself with our support: The Government's vision for ‘A Big Society’ calls upon volunteers to take an active role in their community. YG can support volunteers to set up and run a provision that meets the needs of young people through our partnership scheme. The scheme provides advice, access to training and the practical documents required to run a youth club.


You could commission YG to run a provision for you: Running your own club can be a daunting idea, whether you are struggling to find people willing to volunteer their time, or you are nervous about having the right policies and insurance in place. YG are able to work with communities to draw up a Service Level Agreement under which YG will deliver provision on your behalf.

Use the quick links in the yellow box to find out more about the two main ways in which YG can help communities looking to deliver a service for young people in their area. Or please don't hesitate to contact us directly to discuss you individual needs.

  • Help to run your own club.
  • Commissioning YG to run a club on your behalf.

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