Who is it for?

Groups of young women and girls between the ages of 10-20 years who haven’t found their voice in life. Perhaps they are lacking a little self-esteem or their confidence needs a boost. EmpowHER aims to address the low levels of wellbeing amongst young women and girls in the UK

Sessions can be delivered to fit with existing groups of girls either in a school environment or outside of school in a youth or social club setting. We will work with you to design a package of sessions to suit their needs. The programme is particularly pertinent to girls within the transition ages of 10-12 and 16-18 years old but we are happy to work with a broad range of girls and young women as they share their thoughts and experiences.

What to expect?

The programme is engaging and interactive and includes a social action project that allows the group to make a real change in their community. The programme works through three phases:

  • ‘My Self’ the group learns about themselves and gains an understanding of who they are.
  • ‘My Community’ in which they start to explore the community they live in and consider what they can do about it.
  • ‘My World’ where they plan and carry out a piece of social action which could be anything from a campaign to raise awareness to volunteering.  (Volunteering opportunities with be available through the programme’s partner the British Red Cross.) 

There is also the opportunity for everyone to gain a UK Youth Bronze Achievement Award.

How much does it cost?

The project is funded by Spirit of 2012 and so is currently free for groups to participate in.

How to get involved?

Contact us to discuss the group you have in mind and we will consider the best options for delivery.

The programmes partners:

EmpowHER is delivered by UK Youth, in partnership with the British Red Cross and Young Women’s Trust, with funding from Spirit of 2012 and the #iwill Fund

Visit the UK Youth website for more information on the background, funding and partners involved in the project.

Also, you can download the EmpowHER Parental Consent Form.